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Bharath Paper Conversions is Coimbatore - India based manufacturer and exporter of Paper Cones, Paper Tubes, Paper cores & Edge Protectors, Composite Cans, Paper Flat Boards, Conical Bolt Boxes. We manufacture high quality Paper and Pulp moulded products to cater to the global clientele. Established in 1984, the company has grown manifolds as the leading paper converting unit in India.

Our Product Ranges:

We are catering to the packaging needs of a variety of industries like Textile, Paper, Flexible film, Laminates, Coir, Pumpset and Engineering. Our impressive product range encompasses:

Our Products
Paper Cores & Tubes
paper cores and tubes Applications
# Wide range of cores and tubes to suit different applications.
# High strength cores for newsprint, paper & board industry.
# Yarn carriers for winding texturised & filament yarn.
# cheese tubes for open-end spinning.
# Cores for self-adhesive tapes and flexible film winding.
# Cores for carpet yarn, coir mat, denim and jute winding.
# Cores for packing submersible pumps & a host of Engineering goods.
# Mailing tubes and Storage tubes.
# Cores with polished surface for polyster film and audio tapes is our speciality.
Paper Cones Top
paper cone products Applications
# High performance paper cones in various tapers 5°57’, 4°20’, 3°30’, 2° etc
# Suitable for latest model high speed spinning machines.
# Velvet finish or flocked surface for excellent yarn holding properties.
# Top and Bottom Colour tipped or printed with easily recognizable patterns for easy yarn identification.
# Cones can be custom printed with company logo & name.
Edge Protectors Top
edge protector Applications:
# Cost effective and eco-friendly edge protectors made of 100% kraft paper.
# Prevents damage to edges and corners of packaged goods during handling, storage and transit.

# Benefits of usuage include increased stacking strength, vertical protection and safe arrival of packaged goods.

# Supplied in different widths and thickness according to customers specifications.
Composite Cans Top
composite can Applications:
# Cost effective and environment friendly packaging.

# Highly suitable for a variety of products like confectionery, Milk powder, medicines, potato wafers, cleaning powders, detergents, whisky bottles, toys, industrial tools etc.

# Cans also supplied with sealing membranes and easy-open lids for greater consumer convenience.
Conical-Bolt-Boxes Top
conical bolt boxes Applications:

# Conical Bolt Box are Cheaper than Plastic Cones & Environment Friendly.
# A waxed Card Board Cone can be cut away when no longer required.
# A Conical Waxed Card Board tube is used for Positioning (Holding down) bolts.
Paper Flat Boards  
paper flat baords


We are the manufacturer and exporters of Paper Flat Boards.

These boards are designed by us in different sizes and dimensions for further usage in suitable industries.

# Available in different sizes
# Kraft papers raw materials

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